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About the Course

Python for Algorithmic trading course is designed for any individual who is looking to enter into the stock market either professionally or for personal investments and systematic trading.

The course focuses on all the minds who are eager to learn and upgrade their skills in the field of finance, and are willing to learn and develop their own systems just like all the big banks, hedge funds and prop desks do.

  • Python
  • Backtesting
  • Automation
  • Strategies
Comprehensive Algorithmic Trading Course

Course Outline

Basics Installation & Setup

Install and setup Python on your machine

PIP Install & Jupyter Notebook

Learn to install essential trading libraries

Data Types In Python

Learn about different data types in Python & how to handle them

Conditional Statement & Loops

Write codes to check for specific conditions & using loops to do something over & again


Learn to write functions assigned for a dedicatedtask/strategy

Key Libraries

Learn about essential trading & datascience libraries such as TaLib, Pandas & NumPy

PIP Install & Jupyter Notebook

Learn to install essential trading libraries


Learn how to crunch large datasets using Pandas

Data Visulatisation

Learn to visualise data using advanced libraries such as matplotlib & NumPy

Basic Statistics

Learn to visualise data using advanced libraries such as matplotlib & NumPy

Basic Statistics

Learn to visualise data using advanced libraries such as matplotlib & NumPy

Probability Theory

Probability concepts that can be applied in Trading

Working With Time Series Data

Effectively using Pandas to handle large stock time series data

Price Action Dynamics And Data Reading For Trading

Understand market structure, trend, patterns and how to use them to create high probability trade setups

How To Trade Options Dynamically

Almost 70% options expire worthless but the real skill in options trading is trade management. Understand how to manage your trade dynamically

Analysis Of Data Of Past Bull Markets In India

No matter what the broader market is doing, there is always one sector which is in it’s own bull market. Bull market leaders have some common patterns and we will use some data analysis to find them

Non-directional Setups

Create non-directional setups with a slightly skewed delta to capture daily theta decay

Intraday Momentum Trading

Learn to filter stock intraday which are showing momentum and how to enter and exit them

Positional And Swing Trading System

How to form a positional view and creating risk defined strategies for consistent monthly income

Long Term Investing System

Build a long term system based on trend,momentum and market leaders

Event Trading

Most professional traders, trade only during major events. Learn to create strategies to benefit from volatility crush and available data before the event

Expiry Trading

Learn how to trade weekly expiries to capture theta decay. Will showcase what all things to look while trading weekly expiries and how to manage your trades to avoid gamma risk

Money Management, Risk Management & Psychology

They say that "Trading is 20% strategy and 80% Money Management, Risk Management and Psychology"

Building Your Trading Strategy

Code your own trading strategy in Python

Backtesting Your Trading Strategy

Backtest your strategy using Backtrader to find your edge

Risk Management & Optimisation

Learn how to use proper risk management & money management rules inbuilt in your trading strategy

Walk Forward Optimisation

Use advance techniques to fine tune your strategy

Build Dashboards

Generate signals and connect with dashboard

Data management

Techniques to handle, clean and store datasets efficiently.

System Architecture Of An Automated Trading System

Learn about API & how to use them to build your own automated system

Infrastructure Requirements

Understand the infrastructure required in terms on network, hardware, physical, monetary etc

Understanding The Business Environment

Understand the regulatory environment, financials, business risk etc for setting up an Algorithmic Trading desk

Walk Forward Optimisation

Use advance techniques to fine tune your strategy

Data Modelling Using Artificial Intelligence

Modeling data with AI, index and predicting next day's closing price

Machine Learning Concepts

Learn important ML concepts and how it can help us a trader

Natural Language Processing

Learn how to use sentiment analysis in trading

Machine Learning Libraries In Python

Introduction to Scikit-learn, TensorFLow & Keras

Weekly Assignments & Tests

We conduct regular weekly assignments and tests to check understanding of concepts learnt during live sessions and how it can be applied in practical.

The assignments and tests are designed in a manner that will test for all important concepts required to be a successful quant trader.


Live Trading Project

After the completion of the program,every participant is expected to write his own trading strategy ,starting from ideation, quantitative data analysis, strategy logic, backtesting, implementation code and strategy optimisation.

Project topics can include Statistical Arbitrage,Trend Following, Option Based Strategies, Machine Learning based Trading Strategies, Volatility Crush,Intraday Momentum and any other practical strategy as per participant preference.

Every participant is assigned a dedicated coding and trading mentor to help with any queries related to coding or trading.

Instructor Profiles

Sourabh Sisodiya, CFA

Co-Founder & Head of Investment Strategy
  • Prior Experience across Equity Research,Derivatives Trading and Quantitative Trading
  • He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). The CFA charter is one of the most respected designations in finance and is widely considered to be the gold standard in the field of investment analysis
  • NSE Certified Capital Market Professional
  • SEBI Registered Authorised Person
  • Panelist & Technical Guest at CNBC Awaaz, India’s No.1 Business Channel
  • Conducted seminars/workshops at most premier institutions and big prop desks/hedge funds

Participants of our Program

IIT Bombay

IIT Delhi

Jamnalal Bajaj

IIM Bangalore

KIFS Trade Capital

Marwari Shares

Delta Neutral Trading Desk

Proprietary Trading Firm

Placement Partners in QTP

Why join us?

Successfully trained multi million dollar trading desks
Assignments, project and certificate for better learning
Online courses with dedicated support
Skill Upgrade
Join the Quant Revolution by learning to code


Thank you to Sourabh and the whole team of Quantify Capital to conduct sessions on Quantitative Trading for our traders. This definitely has helped our traders to get an edge in their trading.


Samir Doshi

CEO at Marwadi Shares & Finance Ltd

The Quantitative Trading Program has enabled our traders with python,quant backtesting skills and enabled us to transition from discretionary to system driven trading


Vaibhav Shrivastav

Head Derivative Risk Management & Strategist, KIFS Securities

For traders looking to transition from discretionary to system trading and becoming an expert with data analysis and learning backtesting on new trade strategies Quantify Capitals course is must. Every batch is divided into teams with pre determined trading strategies project that they would be working towards and all Homework assignment are curated based on the project. The course is bulls eye for python coding for trading.

Expect tremendous encouragement and patience, dedicated Python experts allotted for assistance at every stage.

Sourabh experience with quantitative data analysis and indepth skills of risk management for multiple trading strategies for various market events are cherry on top for the course participants.


Shanil Manwani

Hedge Fund Professional

Sourabh and his team conducted a 5 day workshop on Algorithmic trading for our traders. It was great to experience how seemingly complex topics like back-testing trading systems, data visualization, database management etc. were made so simple to understand. Our traders are now equipped with some powerful tools to enhance their analysis and trading. I would highly recommend Quantify Capital to anyone seeking similar training for themselves or their teams.


Omkar Dange

Volatility trader at Marwari Shares Proprietary Trading Desk

Sourabh and Abhishek are experts in their respective fields and they disperse their knowledge in a way that everyone understands. The best part about the course was that each one of us were assigned a dedicated python expert who was available 24*7 to clear all our doubts. Kudos to the entire team of Quantify Capital for creating such an amazing course.

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Frequently asked questions.

Who can join?

Anyone who is eager to learn and upgrade their skills in the field of finance, and are willing to learn, develop and backtest their own trading systems.

Pre-requisites for the course?

No pre-requisites. We would be starting from absolute basic so anyone who is eager to learn and upgrade their skills can join.

How much time commitment would be required per week?

Around 10 hours every week (including classes) working through assignments if you wish to extract maximum value from the course

Will this course help in getting a job?

Yes. The jobs for system developers using python are at surge. Getting a job is based on individual skills sets and we do not guarantee any placement. But we would help in placement assistance by sharing your resumes with trading firms and getting towards the interview round.

How is this different from other courses?

We have trained large trading desks and ourselves actively trade the markets. So, understand what is needed to be a consistently profitable trader. This course has been designed by our group of traders and coders with a sole focus on helping traders becoming more systematic in trading.

What will be the schedule of the course?

You can join the course at any time of the year to get started. 2 Sessions will be uploaded on every weekend along with an Assignment.

What resources will you provide in the course?

We will share Python code, books on trading, trading setups and recording of all lectures with a dedicated support.


The fees for the 6-month course will be INR 60,000 + GST