Quantitative Research and Data Driven Quantitative Trading

Quantify Capital is a quantitative research and trading firm with a strong focus on building quantitative investment & trading models to generate stable and consistent alpha.

Quantitative Trading Program

Program designed for professionals looking to grow in the field, or planning to start their careers in Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading.


System Trading Webinar

2-Day System Trading Webinar on the following:

- Backtested non-directional setups
- Intraday momentum trading
- Intraday directional setups
- Positional and swing trading systems


Online Trade Room

The Trade Room was started with a vision to build a trading community, mentor budding traders & help them become more system driven.

- We will be connected on a zoom call everyday to discuss about markets and intraday trades
- Access to the recordings of our System Trading Webinar


Algo Services

Leverage the power of data science and algorithms for wealth creation
Zenith is a completely systematic, automated and algorithm driven derivatives portfolio which works at the intersection of human intelligence and technology..



An initiative by Quantify Capital to spread financial literacy across the country. It covers following topics

- Options Trading & Strategies
- Quantitative Trading & Basics of Building a Trading System
- Financial Research & Analysis

Coming Soon...

Open Demat

Open All-in-one free Demat Account and start trading in Equity, Stocks, Options, MF & more.
Get access to our Ranking System & access to our telegram group where we discuss trading ideas