About Us

Quantify Capital is a quantitative research and trading firm with a strong focus on building quantitative investment & trading models to generate stable and consistent alpha.

Other than trading our own proprietary trading book, we also train and consult multi-million dollar hedge funds and trading desks on systematic and quant driven trading and how to leverage the power of algorithms and data science in trading

Our Team

Sourabh Sisodiya

Co-Founder &
Head of Investment Strategy
CharterHolder, CFA

Dhiren Dhameja

Business Development Head

Hitul Mistry

Data Science Consultant

Prathamesh Pai

Equity & Economic Consultant

Chetan Garg

Scalper & Proprietary Trader

Shishir Jhope

Risk Management

Nidhi Jain

Human Resources

Rahul Sanghvi

Software Developer Associate

Kripa Tater

Derivatives Trader