Customized Trading

We support prop desks and traders in designing, developing, optimising and implementing various trading strategies. The Comprehensive Back-test report offers unparalleled insights into a trading strategy.

Customized Backtest Report

This report helps you get insights on how your strategy has performed in the past.

The insights and the final report helps you turn a non-profitable strategy to a profitable strategy, with the help of fine tuning adjustments to the input parameters. ( Add few photos from the our system built)

Machine Learning

Find alpha with Quantify Capital's cognitive computing technology, which leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

Modeling data with technical indicators for enhanced decision support.

Automate Trading Strategy

Markets move at machine speed and it’s not possible to manually keep up with every trade. We help you Automate your trading Strategy

Get real-time alerts based on exceptions and what the trading software observes in the market—leaving full control in your hands

This helps our clients to reduce their burden of managing their trades, and helps them focus more on analysis Execute Multi-leg orders