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18th - 19th Sept 2021 (2 days)
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About the Speaker

Sourabh Sisodiya

Co-Founder, Quantify Capital

Sourabh Sisodiya is the Co-Founder of Quantify Capital, a quantitative research and trading firm.


  • - He is a Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA). CFA charter is one of the most respected designations in finance and is widely considered to be the gold standard in the field of investment analysis
  • - NSE Certified Market Professional
  • - Registered with SEBI as an Authorised Person
  • - Other than trading his own proprietary trading book, he trains and consult large proprietary trading desks( trading with 500+ crores) and hedge funds on algorithmic trading and how to build quantitative systems.
  • - Delivers Quantitative Trading workshops at most top colleges such as IIT Bombay,IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore, Jamnalal Bajaj and more

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Past Events

IIT Bombay

IIM Bangalore

Delta Neutral Trading Desk

IIT Delhi

KIFS Trade Capital

Proprietary Trading Firm

Jamnalal Bajaj

Marwari Shares

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18th Sept 2021

What is Quantitative Trading? How is it different from technical analysis?

Improved computing power & data infrastructure have revolutionized the world of trading. Trading which was once dominated by market instincts and feel for the markets is slowly replaced by strategy backtesting, statistical analysis and algorithms

Analysis of data of past bull markets in India

No matter what the broader market is doing, there is always one sector which is in it’s own bull market. Bull market leaders have some common patterns and we will use some data analysis to find them

What’s the most important aspect of Wealth Creation?

CAGR is the most important aspect in Wealth Creation and higher the CAGR, faster the wealth creation, We’ll objectively find what attributes to a high CAGR and mistakes to avoid

Price Action Dynamics and Data reading for trading

Understand market structure,trend,patterns and how to use them along with additional data confirmation to create high probability trade setups

How do professionals backtest and build trading systems?

What all things to look before you put your actual money at stake ? Understand how a backtest report in created and how trading systems are built

Why to trade Options and how to trade them dynamically?

Almost 70% options expire worthless but the real skill in options trading is trade management.Understand how to manage your trade dynamically

19th Sept 2021

Trading Index intraday using straddles/strangles

Create non-directional setups with a slightly skewed delta to capture daily theta decay

Intraday Momentum Trading

Learn to filter stock intraday which are showing momentum and how to enter and exit them

Positional and Swing Trading System

How to form a positional view and creating risk defined strategies for consistent monthly income

Long Term Investing System

Build a long term system based on trend,momentum and market leaders

Expiry Trading

Learn how to trade weekly expiries to capture theta decay. Will showcase what all things to look while trading weekly expiries and how to manage your trades to avoid gamma risk

Event Trading

Most professional traders, trade only during major events. Learn to create strategies to benefit from volatility crush and available data before the event

How to do option repair and adjustments?

How to actively manage your option trades and standard repair techniques for your losing options trade

Money Management, Risk Management & Psychology

They say that "Trading is 20% strategy and 80% Money Management, Risk Management and Psychology"

Who Should Attend

- A trader who is trading discretionary and looking to be more systematic and data driven in trading
- A trader who has been trading the derivatives space and has basic knowledge of options and technical analysis
- Looking to learn how to use quantitative data and build trading systems

What will we provide

- Handout of entire course content
- Our mistakes and learnings handbook
- Access to our closed trading group for market & strategy discussion
- Two day pass for The Trade Room


Sourabh and his team conducted a 5 day workshop on Algorithmic trading for our traders.

It was great to experience how seemingly complex topics like back-testing trading systems, data visualization, database management etc were made so simple to understand.

Our traders are now equipped with some powerful tools to enhance their analysis and trading.

I would highly recommend Quantify to anyone seeking similar training for themselves or their teams.
Sourabh is a very motivated and talented individual. He is very knowledgeable and insightful on Markets which combines with his oratory skills makes him a perfect blend. It was great to have a Trading workshop from him and he delivered exactly what we were expecting. I wish him Success for future!”
Sourabh is highly motivated and resourceful individual. He is very good at explaining trading strategies. He has wide knowledge about the Indian markets and provides insights which are very useful to the traders. It was a pleasure to attend his Trading seminar at IIMB, the session was handled excellently by him and met my expectations. I personally liked the way he answered all queries and the importance he gave to behavioural aspects while trading.

I wish him great success in future.”
Sourabh has great understanding of the indian derivative markets. He has the perfect blend of knowledge, courage, passion and die hard attitude which is what a Trader is expected of. Apart from this he has been a great teacher to me too...👍